Order Details

How to buy?
  • Email to naildelour@gmail.com and you will receive an invoice if the item you would like to purchase is still available
  • Your email should include:
- Name:
- Email Address:
- Contact Number:           (HP)                     (H)
- Mailing Address: 
- Type of Delivery: Normal Postage/ Registered Postage/ Meet Up
- Mode of Payment: POSB Bank Transfer/ OCBC Bank Transfer/ Cash on Delivery
- Transaction Reference no. :
- Product Code:
- Quantity:
- Product Code:
- Quantity: 
- Preferred Colour (if any):
- Total Required amount:

*Required amount=Amount posted in collection + Delivery charge

How to make a payment?
  • Email to naildelour@gmail.com for purchase. Once we have received the email, we will contact you for further payment instructions
  • If there is stock availability, an invoice will be issued. please pay required amount* via POSB transfer within 24 hours
  • For Meetups, please pay the exact amount as we might not have any change on that day

Delivery Charges:
Normal mail
1 Item: $1.50
2-4 Items: $1

*Kindly note that we strongly recommend registered mails as we will not be responsible for any lost mail

Registered mail
1 Item: $4
2-4 Items: $3