Celebs Lookout

GoodBye 2010! Welcome 2011!
NailDelour bid goodbye to 2010 by sharing with you some of the Hollywood Stars who had created a WHOOHAH in the nail art industry in the year of 2010! 
These celebrities are none other than......(drumrolls*):
Of course its our beloved Rihanna, Lady GaGa, Fergie and Beyonce!!!!

Mention nails and fashion and Rihanna is definitely someone that pops in your head. One can't deny that her nails always express her trendy and edgy style. Read on to find out how Rihanna achieved these slamming decorative nails.
Rihanna does not follow trends! She sets the trends! who would have thought of having Leopard Prints French Manicure! She sure knows how to set the trend by ditching the usual Franch Manicure Ratio ratio whereby the tip should not compromise more than 20% of the overall nail when done and studding the dividing line with gold rhinestones. Its bizarrely offbeat and glamorous, totally Rihanna style!!! 
Elaborated nail art to match her fairytale inspired costume for the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards.
One tone nail polished finger/toe nails is the most popular and predictable manicures to get as it is the simplest way to spice up our nails ourself. Rihanna takes on the one tone nail polished manicure and gives it a fresh moderrn twist by using unique shades of nail polish. 

She even add on expressions to broadcast to the world hows she feeling at the moment! 

She sure knows how to complete off her sexy look by pairing it up with black nails!

Lady GaGa
How can we forget Lady GaGa when it comes to explosive outlooks. She pushed the style limit so far that its no longer news even if she jumps on the grey hair bandwagon.

Sharp edged nails?! Ouch, that must have hurt!

The nail shape may not be very practical for us but I got to admit that the nail shape compliments the gray nail polish, giving her fashion style an interesting edge. Grey nail polish may have been around since last fall, but with one of the world's biggest star Lady GaGa sporting the color in an interesting nail shape, it definitely caused the putty-hued nail polish to reach its peak.

A painful looking nail. In the picture that was taken in Berlin, the nail art was designed to create the chipped and well, a little cut up effect.


Fergie is known for flaunting mega nail art designs not just in her concerts but in her daily life as well.

Does it somehow reminds you of a dice?? Its a quirky yet interestingly catchy and cute design!
Hail to the Diva! Check out how Diva Beyonce decked out different nail art design to compliment her diva esque be it as a songtress, nail art designs or anything else.

American Flag nail art design

Minx nails to achieve the metallic sheen and futuristic design! Its definitely a must, how can a diva ever live without gold metallic nails?!

Celebs Battle Of The Nails
What do all these Korean, Taiwan and Japanese celebrities have in common??? No doubt, these celebrities are trend setters and at the same time made use of nail art to express their desired style. And yes, your eyes is not playing tricks on you, that include male celebrities as well!

SNSD's Tiffany goes from sweet looking to retro with a change of light pink to red nail polish

Brown Eyed Girls Jea is definitely a Batman Fan with her Batman nail art design

SNSD's Yoona and F(X) Amber showing their sisterly love with their all black nail polish

Seo In Young’s alternate yellow and black nails add a funky, edgy twist to a sexy style

Yoon Eun Hye looking all natural, clean and simple with light colored nails

Actress Moon Geun Young, SNSD's Tiffany and Boa decking out the same nail design. Black nail Tips for you too?

Taiwan's "Butterfly" Jolin Tsai! whats so cool about her is that she's always trying out new styles and never fail to amaze us her her beautiful vocals, explosive dance and of course her wonderfully done nails!

How can we miss out cute and girly Rainie Yang with her similarly cute and princess looking nails


Koda Kumi is not just one the the top artist in Japan, she won the title as one of the "Nail Queens" as well. she definitely deserve this award with her intricate and sophisticated nails. Congrats on being an all rounder artist!

Queen of J-pop is not going easy either. check out those nice looking nails of hers

Male Celebs rocking it out with colored nails
This is the tip to look like a rock star! All you have to do is to wear all dark, same goes for your nails!
KAT-TUN's Kamenashi Kazuya rocking the black nails

Shun Oguri's electric blue nails spells HOT!

Rock visual kei god Miyavi

Who says that pretty boys like FT Island's Lee Hong Ki can't rock the black nails too!