About Us

What is NailDelour?
Girls, you got to admit this! No look is complete without nail polish/nail art designs. Whenever we have some extra money to spare, we always treat ourselves to a manicure/pedicure. One of our favorite things to do is to look at the giant wall of nail polishes for a shade that fits our intended style as different nail polish is able to bring out different sides of an individual.

Hence, NailDelour proudly presents a collection of nail polish/nail art designs to make your hands/feets look beautiful and fashionable. NailDelour's collections will be launched on a weekly basis whilst each collection will focus on different styles. 

Our promises
NailDelour promises a shopping experience like no others! We will try our utmost best to cater tips on how you can try out different styles. Do not hesitate to drop us a question if you are unsure about anything. 

Founders of NailDelour
Sheena Too (left)
Sheena loves nail art designs and always try out different shades of colour to match up with the latest trends
Carolyn Chong (right)
Carolyn loves to do her nails and get some quick tips from nail art artists when she does her nails in the shop